weekend edition

If you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram (which I know you are!), you regularly see details about “Weekend Edition”.

What is The Weekend Edition?

The WE is your weekly opportunity to enter travel sweepstakes, receive freebies, and read the latest travel news.

Why did I start The Weekend Edition?

1. To share travel news with other people who love travel as much as I do.

2. To share travel sweepstakes for people who prefer to travel for FREE or low-cost and still see the world.

3. To share important travel news under changing government regulations.

Why should you subscribe to The Weekend Edition?

1. You want to travel beyond the popular “touristy” destinations and discover new lands and rich cultures.
2. You want to know that you can actually win FREE trips.
3. You want to have up-to-date information when you travel to avoid any hiccups in your adventure.


Now that you know what it’s all about, join travel lovers all over the world!

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