Where To?

If I Could Turn Back Time: Cleveland, Ohio 2017

                    I’m excited for every opportunity to travel. Especially if it means rising at 2:30AM to catch a 5:30AM fight. Thanks to Tropical Storm Sandy, my morning started with thunder, lightning and two raincoats. Note to self: Don’t pack your raincoat when the weather calls for […]

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Six More Weeks Of Winter

Six More Weeks of Winter

It’s official: I have six more weeks of winter. I actually love winter but the common understanding of that phrase is more unpleasantness and six more weeks in the boot is certainly unpleasant. My latest ortho appointment was really not a surprise. Although my foot is no longer on fire, it is still quite tender […]

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(UN)expected Adventure

Hey Travel Crew! Sorry I’ve been MIA (small joke inserted here) over the last week but I’ve been on an unexpected adventure. Shortly before I played my final mommy card, my mom started having some health issues. She’s graduated from a cane to a walker and now a wheelchair and this presents new adventures for […]

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